Stevie J’s Asian Adventure – Bagan Temple Marathon – Myanmar

Before jumping into stories of Myanmar & running around temples, since I last wrote I have had the pleasure of attending the wedding of Kathryn & Lucas in Phnom Penh. This wedding is essentially the entire reason for my travels in South East Asia. What a perfect time it was for all involved! I've never been [...]

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Stevie J’s Asian Adventure – Run #2 : Khao Yai Trail Marathon

Three weeks after the epic vietnam mountain marathon with a few weeks of R&R, I have arrived in Thailand and had a go at the second run for the trip: the Khao Yai trail marathon. Khao Yai National Park is around 2.5 hours north east of Bangkok and is  one of the first national parks to [...]

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Stevie J’s Vietnam Mountain Marathon

The first leg of my four run journey was completed on Saturday with the Vietnam mountain marathon. It was a 7 hour 57 minute battle! However I finished 16th out of over 70 starters and the winner clocked in at 5:37. This course had almost everything: clay, mud, dirt, concrete, rocks, waterfall crossings, tip-toeing between [...]

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RLC Marathon Leaderboard 2014 – Final Wrap

It's already been a few weeks since the close of our 2013/2014 competition. We've checked & double checked all the results & we're happy to announce the winners here. It's tough to run multiple marathons in a year. Even tougher to run them fast! To qualify for this comp, you need to run at least [...]

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Leaderboard Winner 2013 :: Jodie Oborne

The second year of the RLC Marathon Leaderboard has just finished up and in celebration we'd like to congratulate our winner last year with flights to Doha to participate in the 100km World Championships. We'd like to share her story with you here...   I dared to dream. My journey to the 100km World Championships [...]

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3.5 Marathons & A Wedding – Stevie J’s SE Asia Adventure

Hi all!! I'm Steve Jacobs and I'm 31 (and a Leo :)) and lucky enough to be heading to Cambodia for my good friends, Kathryn and Lucas', wedding in November. I've never really called myself a runner, having done a marathon in 2009 and a few halves over the years. Late last year I started [...]

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Stress Fractures – Less Fun Than You Think!

The warm summer days and nights are a distant memory and the cold Wintery nights are well and truly upon us. Some of us will be dreaming of the beach… and our Beach Body!! With this realization in mind, the New Year's Eve resolutions you made to “get fit”, “get back to playing sport” and [...]

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Stage Race Selection: The Time & Money Conundrum

In this post, Part II of the "Whole World’s A Stage” racing series, I’ll do my best to help you navigate your way through your stage race bucket list. Scratch the surface of the stage races around the world and your head will spin with exotic locations, terrain and distances. And therein lies a minor [...]

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Every Runner’s Nemesis – Shin Splints

Been Running Like Crazy….. Sore Legs… Could it be Shin Splints? Shin Splints is the common term for Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (MTSS). It is an injury caused by overuse and ‘doing too much too soon’, whereby there is an inflammatory reaction of the periosteum of the tibia (the outer covering of the bone). It [...]

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The Whole World’s a Stage

Why is there an ever-growing number gruelling multi-stage ultra marathons through some of the most formidable landscapes and inhospitable climates on earth? To meet an ever-growing demand of course. More and more people are seeking to go beyond a marathon and push themselves through environments that are equal parts stunning and punishing. Around the world [...]

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