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How’s your Swedish?

Well in case your Swedish isn't as strong as you'd like I translated it persoally(read used Google translator) - Nick He joined the Coast Marathon in Kristianopel with 26 in the marathon legs. Took around at just under four hours and did not even out of breath after finishing. "Today was a workout. I can [...]

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T-Bone & The Prince

Today was a great day! I went to the press conference for the Dubai Marathon and they had a very special guest.. World champion, current world record holder, running god and all round top human being, Haile Gebrsellasie! We were invited to the press conference by Alan Ewens, official publicist for the marathon and all [...]

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A tough day at the office – Mumbai Marathon

India... What an amazingly chaotic place?! I'm guessing that Lorenz and Mandelbrot both visited Bombay (now named Mumbai), as they worked on the basis for chaos theory. You can't help looking around thinking, "How the hell does everyone get where they're going??"  And yet, among the madness, there are certainly patterns that allow people to [...]

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Manhandled in Mumbai

Haha, I think I just liked the idea of using the word "manhandled".. But in truth, the Mumbai Marathon has left me a little banged up. It got done.. It wasn't pretty, but it got finished and I'm happy to say, in under 4 hours. I had 3:58 on my watch. I'm still looking for [...]

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Things I take for granted..

It’s an amazing thing to decide to go running around the world. I take this privilege very seriously. Many other things I take for granted though. Here’s a short list of them, but there are plenty more: Being Australian Being able to travel most places in the world & being well received because I am [...]

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And then something happened…

I've seen some pretty interesting stuff in our world. I'm a lucky guy and good things have always happened in my life. Bad shit happened too, but I think the good stuff far outweighs it all. The last week has been one of the most eye-opening, enlightening weeks of my life. It has been jam [...]

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Ponting Pumps Up The Boys!

Australian Test Captain, cricketing God and all round Australian hero, Ricky Ponting, has heard about our exploits and wanted to wish us luck in Mumbai: “Good luck guys for your run through the streets of Mumbai.  It’s one of my favourite cities in the world and I’m sure you will do Australia proud”. Thanks Ricky! [...]

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Running through history – Tiberias Marathon

Number 2… Tiberias, Israel. Wow, that hurt! I was running well from the start, but it was a freak hot day in an otherwise mild Israeli Winter. They say it only reached 26 degrees, but with the sun beating down, it felt a whole lot hotter. The later the race got, the more I struggled [...]

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Tiberias Resuuuuuuuuuult!

Really did have to tough that one out. 3:52.35 It was hot and hard, but there was a great atmosphere and the people were brilliant. Go Israel! More tomorrow. I need a rest. http://www.4sport.co.il/cgi-bin/Es?Id=03ZvkcVAYseEkd1HOw16tqraUwNv&GOSS=%E7%F4%F9&NAMSS=Tristan+Miller Thanks for the link and the support Hadas!

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