Stage Race Selection: The Time & Money Conundrum

In this post, Part II of the "Whole World’s A Stage” racing series, I’ll do my best to help you navigate your way through your stage race bucket list. Scratch the surface of the stage races around the world and your head will spin with exotic locations, terrain and distances. And therein lies a minor [...]

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The Whole World’s a Stage

Why is there an ever-growing number gruelling multi-stage ultra marathons through some of the most formidable landscapes and inhospitable climates on earth? To meet an ever-growing demand of course. More and more people are seeking to go beyond a marathon and push themselves through environments that are equal parts stunning and punishing. Around the world [...]

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Fem Fatale Dominates Fuego Y Agua

Hola a todos! Returning home 2 weeks ago from an adventurous February in Central America, I can say has been quite an adjustment. My mind is still lost somewhere on Island Ometepe in Nicaragua. My adventure began when a close friend confirmed she was moving to Belize for a year. Working for the YMCA in [...]

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