A very inspiring young mother & Jetstar Stewardess, Rebecca Goodwin, set out on a mission a little less ordinary more than a year ago. She had decided to to run from Easter to Easter, 20km per day to raise money for the Good Friday Appeal in support of the Royal Children’s Hospital. It was never going to be easy, but Bec has taken every day in her stride and now she’s just days away from completing this epic feat!

Below she has outlined her story for RunLikeCrazy, what drives her and a few details about her very important fundraising night next week. If you’re in Torquay, please join us for a wonderful celebration!

Rebecca sums up her year:

I started the Run 7640 Challenge on April 1st, 2013. The sequence of events that lead to it were super fast. I was at home with my family watching the Good Friday Appeal last year. I felt this huge drive to get involved, mainly because I feel so lucky to have healthy children. I have a 15 year old daughter and 14 year old son. At the time I also had a 7 year old stepdaughter. As a parent it’s your worst nightmare to have a sick child, and to lose a child is just incomprehensible. The next day I picked up a copy of Run Like Crazy and my mind starting ticking over straight away coming up with my own running challenge. Tristan Miller’s story is so inspirational and it’s an amazing journey.

By Easter Monday I had set up my Everyday Hero page and completed my first 20km day. I knew how hard it would be but I wasn’t completely unprepared. I started running at age 15 and by age 19 had completed the Hawaii Ironman. I love seeing how far I can push myself and I think it’s something that a lot of people underestimate. The human body has an incredible ability to adapt to almost anything. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and you will discover how much you are capable of. 

This year has been a roller coaster ride from start to finish. I started the run for all of the parents who lose their children, or are in and out of hospitals and waiting rooms. Ironically, only a few weeks later my partner moved out quite suddenly, so I lost contact with his 7 year old daughter. She had been a huge part of my life for a year and a half – I miss her every single day. Our kids had called each other brother and sister, but now life as they knew it changed overnight. I got an idea of what it feels like to lose a child and it was a very difficult time. 

Bec Goodwin 2

It made me more determined to finish the challenge, to do what I could to stop other people from experiencing that loss. Everything happens for a reason and the Run 7640 Challenge gave me the focus to get through a tough personal year. I have had amazing support from friends and family, plus I’ve met some incredible people. I now have a great apartment with my kids, as well as a job that I love!

At the moment my donations have hit $7000. I am aiming to hand over a cheque of at least $10,000 on the Good Friday Appeal programme. People are so supportive and keen to donate when they hear what I have done, which keeps me confident that I will hit my target. 

If anyone would like to help me reach my goal they can donate through the link below:


Thank you for your support!

Bec Goodwin

Bec Goodwin 1

In September 2011, I tried running 20km per day for a month. I ended up with very sore feet, some calf damage and really toughed it out at the Sydney Marathon that year. I can’t imagine how difficult it would have been to get up every day and push through those kilometres when other parts of your life begin to be on shaky ground. I’m thoroughly impressed with Bec’s ability to stay true to her goals, to be brave when the chips were down and to be persistent in her efforts to become her own unique kind of Hero.

Details of the Fundraiser night are:

Front Beach Cafe 
The Esplanade, Torquay 
April 15, 7-11pm
Tickets $10 per person
Raffle/auction night
Great prizes on offer

I think we should all support super inspiring people. Let’s gather around and give Bec a cheer for her incredible efforts!