RLC Weekly Bugle

Another couple of weekends have flown by and we have excitement aplenty at every turn. With two of our team completing their first marathon, whilst tackling the Melbourne Ironman; some amazing representation of RLC at the Jerusalem Marathon; a fun outing at Eltham Fun Run; plus our great friend Donna Urquhart winning the Rollercoaster 43km race.

Sadly, I missed the Rollercoaster Run… but only because of my own stupidity! While having dinner Saturday night with an incredible PT couple, Team Elwood owners Betsy & Nick, I mentioned that I was looking forward to the race the following day. They looked a little confused and proceeded to tell me that one of their members had run the race that morning.. I was a bit shocked, but with a quick check online, I found out that I’d completely missed it?! And I’d only entered on Thursday, though didn’t even look at the dates. Well…. I was only going along to have a look at the course… but that is pretty dumb. Once again, an assumption has come to bite me in the butt, so the lesson is clear – don’t assume people, check and check again!

It just continues to get better for our expanding network. We’re beginning to get welcome requests for groups around the country and even overseas to don The Bull and be a part of the movement.
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Jerusalem Marathon Wrap – Our Israeli buddy Avraham gives us a snapshot of the recent Jerusalem Marathon.

You Are An Ironman – A fantastic race report from our Ironman heroes, Nat & Esther, of Dames Cycling Co.

Buffalo Stampede Revieww – Read this Ultra168.com article about the big guns attempting this weekend’s Buffalo Stampede.. should be wild!

Pain in the…FOOT! Plantar Fasciitis – Our resident Osteo, Dr Gary Israelsohn, gives some sound advice on a common problem.


Recent Events

Jerusalem Marathon – Israel, 21st March

Racers – Daniel Pearlman, Avigdor Book, Shmuel Shantall & Avraham Hermon

The lads had a fantastic outing over in Jerusalem. The Israeli’s are a vocally supportive bunch, so no doubt they got their fair share of cheering along the way. Take a look at Avraham’s short report on the RLC website. I’m not a religious man, but I’m inspired to participate in a race like this with great people!


Melbourne Ironman – Frankston to St Kilda, 23rd March

Racers – Nat Howard & Esther Borg

They smashed it!! And they wore The Bull for the entire run marathon section. This is a breakthrough in representation for the brand and we should all be super proud of our Ironwomen friends, Nat & Esther. See the link to Nat’s fantastic race report above.


Eltham Fun Run – Northern Suburbs, Sun 23rd March

Racers – Tristan Miller

After blowing the horn to send everyone off, I nearly forgot I was in the race! Flaming heck! Chased my way back into the pointy end and managed a 38min 10km – though I would say the track was a few hundred metres short.. Very hilly, but I truly wonderful event in a gorgeous part of Melbourne. I’ll be back next year.

Roller Coaster Run – Dandenongs, Sat 29th March

Racers – Donna Urquhart

SHE WON, SHE WON, SHE WON!! Donna Urquhart has put a second title to her name in 6 months, with an emphatic win at the Rollercoaster 43km run. We love that Donna comes to run with us now and again, but she sure is a cut above. She even revealed that she had injured her calf at only 3kms in and she still punished herself for 40km for the win. Gee Wizz?! is about all I can add to that..

Donna U Rollercoaster


Upcoming Events

This Weekend

Contenders – Tristan Miller, Tim Goddard

Run For The Kids – Melbourne CBD, Sun 13th April

Contenders – Mel Deefholts, Cris Alex, Nic Marie, Andy Cav, Simon Hasell, Vicky Chung and many more!

Two Oceans 56km – Cape Town, South Africa, Sun 19th April

Contenders – Andrew “Chippa” Wood

PPuffing Billy Great Train Race – Belgrave, Sunday 4th May

Contenders – Jo Nathan, Nic Marie, Andy Cav, Simon Hasell, Vicky Chung

The Great Ocean Road Marathon – Lorne, Sunday 18th May

Contenders For Full – Ivy Evenden, Drew Thomson, Chris Quirk, Tristan Miller, Belinda Free, Melinda Marshall
Contenders For Half – Nic Marie, Cris Alex, Claire Hesse

Run Melbourne Half – CBD, Sun 27th July

Contenders – Tristan Miller, Mel Deefholts

Gold Coast Marathon – Gold Coast, QLD, Sun 6th July

Contenders – Cris Alex

New York City Marathon – NYC, USA, Sun 2nd November

Contenders – Mel Deefholts, Cris Alex


Rockin RLC Gear

You’ll have seen a number of people getting around in slick RLC merchandise. We’re already requesting additional singlets, but do have a number of Men’s & Women’s tops on the shelf, so please hit us up at training, or fire me – Tristan – an email and I’ll arrange a fitting.

The RunLikeCrazy Network


Scotty’s group has been getting some solid runs in at the Tan and surrounds. Get down and see him soon, so you can train for the next Tan Time Trial!

Sessions – Tuesday & Thursday 6am to 7am

Meeting Point – Melbourne High School Old Boys Pavilion – Corner Claremont St & Yarra St, South Yarra

Scotty Nathan
Mobile – 0412 510 836

Email – scotty@runlikecrazy.com


With daylight savings about to end, we’re going to have a lot more fun running on the Bay and Albert Park Lake!

Sessions – Tuesday & Thursday 6am to 7am

Meeting Point – Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre Reception – 375 Albert Road, Albert Park

Tristan Miller
Mobile – 0414 356 244
Email – tristan@runlikecrazy.com


These guys are going great guns already! I’ll be heading down to take Wooly’s group this Thursday. Look forward to seeing you all down there soon.

Sessions – Tuesday & Thursday 6am to 7am

Meeting Point – Mentone Grammar – Gym/Basketball Entry is on Como Parade West, with street parking available

Paul Woolard
Mobile – 0433 832 203
Email – wooly@runlikecrazy.com

Training This Week

Saturday – Long Run – Kew Boulevard from Richmond – 7am

Richmond ONLY – Session will meet at 1000 Blessings Cafe at 251 Highett St, Richmond. 7am start for a 20-30km run along the fabled rolling hills of Kew Boulevard.This run is ideal for all those trying to get a decent long run in for Great Ocean Road. Some runners will turn at 10km out, but will still include some decent hills. Anyone that wants to go beyond 30km, just ask and we will accommodate.

Tuesday – Speed Work – MSAC, Melbourne High School & Mentone Grammar 6am

A combination of 250m, 400m, 500m and 1km repeats. Get down there and surprise yourself at how quick you can run!

Thursday – Interval Session – MSAC, Melbourne High School & Mentone Grammar 6am

You know we love to mix this session up, so you’ll need to come down for the surprise. You can be sure it will be a 6-8km endurance session, with varied speeds and recovery times. Thursday’s the MSAC & MHS groups have been converging on the Tan, after a warm up run from their respective home base – it’s been a lot of fun!


Last week, I was challenged to summarise what the brand “RunLikeCrazy” meant to me. I said the following:

“RunLikeCrazy is about raising the bar. Being inspired and encouraged to set goals beyond your preconceived limits. It’s about being part of a community that supports you to achieve those goals and ensures you have fun along the way.”

I reckon that’s about right..

Your’s truly,

The Bone