The time is finally coming. The book is only a few months away! To celebrate, I’d like to invite everyone who has been asking for a copy this wild adventure, to pre-purchase the book now.


Click Here For RunLikeCrazy The Book!


The book will be signed and delivered, immediately after launch at the beginning of June. Even better, I’ll sign it with a personalised message!

And – because I always have to make it interesting – I’m laying down a physical challenge for myself.

I pledge to run 100 metres for every book I sell before the 1st of June 2012. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but here’s how it could play out:

Buy 1000 books = Tristan runs 100 km

Buy 10,000 books = T Bone runs 1000 km, from Melbourne to Sydney

Buy 20,000 books = Tristan runs 2000 km to Brisbane & develops signature RSI


I originally planned to run 1km for every book sold, but when I mentioned it to my new fiancé Rebecca, she made it clear she wouldn’t be waiting around for me in another 6 months!! Fair enough too..

So follow the link and be the first to buy a copy of the book! Sponsor the madness… SPONSOR THE MADNESS!!!!