Howdy all, thanks for your patience post marathon. It would have been ideal for me to write a huge post about my elation at having completed that final event, but the fact is I fell to pieces and just tried to revive myself at the beach for a few days following.

First off – THANK-YOU ALL for being involved in small ways and big ways alike. Whether you were there to run or support, or if you were somewhere around the world pushing good vibes down south, then my thanks will never be enough.

I had a great race. I don’t think I have ever talked so much during a run as I did that day. I ran for 3:43.20 and I think I talked for about 3:30 of that. I even did two phone interviews with different radio stations while running around Albert Park Lake! It was mayhem and I enjoyed all of it. The people that I did get to speak to while running were really encouraging and I was proud to be part of their race too. It was a magnificent experience to chat to old friends as they ran their first, second or tenth marathons, but also to meet people that have been following me for months or even all year, through my journey around the world. I was not sure what it would be like to speak to these people, who seem to know me so well from my writing, but it didn’t take long to find out a little about them and get to complete the friendship.

Here are the results from the day – RunLikeCrazy Marathon Results – congratulations on great times to everyone who ran. It is a huge achievement to run any of those distances, so a very well done to you all!

I saw so many people from my travels along the run, but also so so many faces I’ve been missing throughout the year, including about 6 new babies that my friends have had! Just an amazing experience to see these beautiful new faces.

The winner of the “December Donations Draw” was a little harder to figure out! My promise was to keep on running after the 42km, but the fact was I hadn’t accounted for so much media showing up. They all wanted a chat (and I am a shameless self-promoter, ha!), so I had to make some time to talk. By the time I was done, it was apparent that everyone was getting very cold in the wind, so I said goodbye to a whole lot of families that came down to see me. Then I was ready to start running again, but it seems most people were running into the finish line, so I waited around and ran the final few hundred metres with a number of runners. I wish I could have run with absolutely everyone!

So the winner of the draw on count-back is Sean Wyld! When I stopped my watch at the finish line, I had clocked 42.93km, which included stoppages and sideways running to see loads of people. I had said it was based on watch distance, so that is the result. Sean donated a whopping $120 in December, so he is indeed a worthy winner! He even ran his first marathon last Monday, so I was honored to be a part of his marathon journey!!

Links to the photo galleries will be up in a few days and we will also be sending out t-shirts to anyone who missed out by registering on race day – we’re just waiting for 2XU and our printer to get back to work!

To Koya and Bec, the main organisers of the race, you both know I cannot thank-you enough. To all the other people who made it a huge day, including Ali, Lozzie, Kev, Cougar, Jo, Sarah, Stefan, Andy, Cath, Mohit, JMC boys, Mossy, Bozza, Mike, Longy, Bek, Alexis and everyone else, I will find a way to show you my appreciation through individual acts of kindness that may include random hugs when you’re least expecting them.

To the magnificent Major Sponsors of the race, Schepisi Communications, National Australia Bank, Krys & Associates, we really, really needed your help and you came through with flying colours. A HUGE shout out to Grant Warnes, who gave a personal donation to help the event happen.

To the 2XU, Cricketer’s ArmsFenix FitnessPowerade, Big Wet, JMC, Bulla Yoghurt – you guys were fantastic supporters, so thanks a bundle for being involved!!