Howdy Kids!

I want you all to take some time to check out my buddy Kev’s website and consider how his awesome new setup can help you out. We all think we know how to run, until we run with others, then we consider how differently we move compared to everyone else. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that, but there are definitely ways “not” to run. If you have been developing niggles and injuries through your training, then having your motion analysed could save you a lot of physical stress and injury as you begin to increase the mileage to marathon levels.

Before I left, Kevlar actually had me into his studio, analysing my running technique and helping me understand why my body moves the way it does and what areas I should focus on to improve efficiencies in my style. Many of the things I took away from those sessions have helped me to develop an easy technique that has kept me running all year long, without serious injury.. It really helped!!

Kev is a dynamite Physiotherapist and a magnificent running machine himself, having run with me in races around the world, including the ultimate physical test that is the Comrades 90km ultra in South Africa last year, as well as meeting up with me in Berlin a couple of months back to pound one of the world’s fastest courses!

He understands the optimal biomechanical gait required for maximum efficiency and minimal physical stress. This is something we would all love to attain, so by replaying our stride using his digital motion analysis, he can point out the positive and negative movements we have developed while “learning” to run. The ripple effect of some of these negative movements may be causing the ongoing injuries you have been dealing with, so for that reason alone, Kev is worth a visit.

On the flipside, if you’re lucky enough to not be getting injuries, then he can still help by pointing out areas of efficiency to have you running to your full potential!

Please check out his site and give him a bell to organise a time to meet. Or look into an analysis package for a loved one for Christmas! (Ha! I should work in radio!)

Website – Dynamic Performance

Or contact:

Kevin Lieberthal –

I want to thank Kev myself, for his tremendous support and friendship this year. Thanks buddy, I look forward to working with you more into the new year.


The Bone.