Last addition this week – Montréal Marathon video! It’s a bit epic as I took a lot of video with Olah. I was just so excited to run with a mate and you can see it when I’m blabbing away to the camera.

Olah, Caz, Kath and Dave all came up from New York, so Olah could run with me. Huge effort and even bigger on Olah’s part when you consider it’s his first marathon in 10 years and he carried a calf injury into this race.

Marathon 36 complete! Only 16 to go…

As the message at the end says – Remember the kids!! Please consider donating $10 to the following two charities:



Facing Africa

You really are helping change someone’s life, so dig deep.

Thanks to the organisers for having me in Montréal. Thanks also to Max and Emmanuelle, who not only had me into their home for a great meal, but also took me along to meet the fantastic crew at their running club.

And to one of the loveliest families I have ever met – Nathalie, Hugo, Isaac and Xavier. They took me out to lunch and told me how they’d been following since seeing the Associated Press article in their local paper in January. It really touched me to know people have been watching this whole time and are really excited to meet me. I felt extremely honored. Thanks so much!

Marathon du Médoc this weekend! Will be there with one of my favourite Frenchmen, our Marathon des Sables superhero, Clément! It’s going to be awesome.. Stay tuned!!

Bon Bone..