It has been a while since I made the time to do videos. It’s very time consuming and I don’t get to edit it as much as I’d like, but they’re great fun to watch too.

Please enjoy the Mongolian Sunrise to Sunset 100km video. There were a lot of names that I didn’t get to mention, including Israel, Amanda, Luke’s girlfriend Mette, Ramone, Nicolas, Sebastian, the rest of the Singapore boys, Guy and his son Stefan Ogden, The US Military Chicks, Matt, Paul, Kate, Wayne and Nolene, Maurice, Ellis, Morgan, Liz, Andrea, the Aussie/Kiwi Army Boys and loads of other excellent people that I met there. Lincoln and Gail! The French family that were the answer to the Von Trapps! Simon, the winner of the race and his girlfriend! So many.. I hope I see you all again some day..

Thanks again to the organisers of the race, – Nicolas, Tyler, Tamsin, Shuree, Erke and Steen.. They’re very generous, good natured people and they have a dream to keep Mongolia as beautiful as you see it on these videos. You can read the site’s race report here.

Israel also made a really great video – check it out here!

I even wrote Raymond on this video, instead of Ramone! Sorry Ramone, I was rushing…

I specifically wanted to thank Stefan Ogden, as he donated $500 to Unicef at Everyday Hero, shortly after he got back to Singapore. Massive mate… Thank-you.

That one was truly unforgettable. As usual, I hope it entertained you and if so, please feel free to donate $10 to one of these two charities:



Facing Africa

I nailed together a few other videos in the last few days. They’re also about to be posted.

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The drunken fiesta, which is the Marathon du Médoc is on this weekend, near Bordeaux. Clément and I are going as the Super Mario Brothers, which will be hilarious. The theme is cartoon, so there’ll be plenty of great video to watch from that one.

Loving Life!

The T-Bone..