Ha! It always makes me laugh writing those headlines..

What a crazy, crazy day.. This, once again, is a quick update, before I get kicked out of this hotel and no longer have an internet connection. I’ve suffered from lack of connection for the last week, so I owe you some big updates and videos in the coming days.

But yesterday was… MASSIVE! It was the most hectic marathon I have ever done. I was running through traffic for all 42kms. I was lucky enough to head to the start with my new friend Eric and some excellent Aussies that we met at the hotel – John, Jenny, Jenny and Alan.

We kicked off well, running down the Champes Elysees. The street was packed to the brim, with some 40,000 runners hitting the streets of Paris. I met Aussie after Aussie on the run, plus a Kiwi too! It was actually really lovely, because it was like running with a team for the day, something I was only lucky enough to do in Tokyo.

Eric, John and I ran the first 10kms or so together and not long after Eric dropped back, but another Aussie girl, Judy, picked us out of a crowd – probably because I had a big-ass Australian flag on my back, courtesy of Eric! She’d heard about me through the travel company, Travelling Fit, who helped me gain entry to a few big races.

It was cool! John, Judy and I kept running together, though I constantly lost them while taking videos and chatting to people. I even had to stop for a press interview for the big French sports paper, L’Equipe, at the 20km mark, so I had to jet to catch them again.

We’d aimed to run under 3:30, but with all the traffic, it was near impossible! Every time I tried to speed up, I found myself nearly tripping over people. It’s actually quite mentally tiring to have to focus on running and not collect another runner, or slip on a banana peel. Ended the race with a 3:32.46, official time.

Met so many amazing people!

Nick and Westo.

Aussie Jason from New York, who grabbed me in the final metres saying – “I read about you in the Sydney Morning Herald!”

Jason’s girlfriend, Camilla, his Dad, Graeme, plus excellent mate Billy!

Donny and Dingo Davies who are about to have a baby named Orson Hawk Davies! Awesome Hawk! He’s a super hero waiting to happen!

Becky from London, who it turns out knows my mate Brenno Peel!

Mark in the Gorilla suit!

So many more great people. So much fun. Even found my mate Narelle after the race. She just happened to be in Paris the same time!

I’m going to stop there, because I want to write a full post and finish my Two Oceans post and upload it. Hopefully I get to finish it all and put it up by Boston on Wednesday. Sorry to keep you hanging.

Oh… and there’s a funny little story about Daz not making it to the race.. Something about being ending up in accidents and emergencies, the one time we didn’t stay together the night before a race…I don’t even know what happened yet… You’ll have to wait a day or two to read more!

Sorry for the lack of pics, will have to add them later.