Haha, what a lame title, but I had to have a shot at using the word grape. Well, this was a bit of a debacle, but mostly because I’m an idiot and didn’t time my drive to the start very well.

Napa Valley is a deceptively big area and by the time we drove from Napa the town, to Calistoga, where the race started from, we were running pretty late. Add to that the inability to drive anywhere near the start line, so all of a sudden I’m running about 12 minutes after the official start time of 7am. In fact, they were just beginning to pull down the arch when I got there.

I figured I’d run quick till I caught up with the back runners and support wagons. Within 1.5 miles I had them in my sights. Come 2 miles, I was in the thick of runners. 5 miles and I was on track for a 4 hour official marathon.

I should have slowed down then and taken in more of the scenery, but I figured I should just push on till I found a few more runners around my speed and run with them…. Halfway through the run and I was out the other side of the bulk of runners and into thinning groups of athletes looking for around 3:40.

Then I sniffed a potential PB and like a bull seeing red, I just kept charging till I could charge no more, finishing a few minutes off my PB, with a respectable 3:32.39 official time, 3:20.43 on my watch.

Not my finest hour, but at least I got to run with a large portion of the field. I ran from 2 kms behind the entire field, finishing 278th out of 1,735 runners…. so I passed approx 1,440 runners along the way! I even ran right past Dean Karnazes, which disappointed me, because I would have like to knock out a few Kms with him. I thought I looked at everyone I passed, but clearly not.

Aha, that’s right… Idiot.

Thanks to the beautiful Noe girls – Jackie, CJ and Julie – for all their support!  We couldn’t have done it without you!

More videos and blogs to come. Gotta head to LA today, followed by London and Cyprus by the weekend. Busy times ahead..

Still runnin like CRAZY!