Being a bunch of grapes was one of the best days ever. The amount of smiles and cheers I received from the runners was so thrilling that I felt so privileged to be that person, it was incredible. So many people wanted photos taken with them, it was amazing and thanks to Nick McCormack for the great idea of dressing up for each marathon. I can’t wait to dress up like Marcos Baghdatis next week, ha!

A fantastic day and Tristan came in with a massive time of 3:32 after being 13 minutes late, ha, but I’ll let him fill you in on the details.

Thanks to the wonderful girls of Jackie, CJ and Julie who hosted us for the week and supported us in the valley for the race. You girls absolutely rock and hope to see you all again over the year.

So check out the all the photos I’m uploading and I hope you all are enjoying the madness that is unfolding.

The Dazzler