This is going to be quick, because Daz and I just had a dramatic change in plans and decided to go to Dahab for a few days. Problem is, the bus leaves in an hour and we booked it 15 mins ago. Just a lazy 14 hours in a bus to recover…

But I got through it today. Apart from running through the ruins of ancient Egypt, I don’t have a lot of nice things to say about this marathon. It was hot at around 30 degrees, poorly organised, with very few water points and no electrolyte, plus they started taking the course down after 2.5 hours, so there was no guidance left on the 4 lap circuit after lap 3…

Worse than that…despicably bad…as 4km ticked over on my watch, the 5km marker came up… Booooo, they’d mis-measured the course.


So, by the time I crossed the finish line I’d only covered 40.4km. Not to be short changed, I turned around and ran over 1km out and 1km back, to cross the line again actually after 42.7km, in a time of 3:35.10.

I can’t tell you how mentally heart breaking it is to have to cross the line and head back out again in that heat… I was pretty emotiaonal and not happy, but Daz was on his push-bike next to me for over 20km, so he kept me going.

I’m going to the beach to drink beer and have a couple of days off. Reports and more to come. Sorry for the delay.

8 down, 44 to come. BRING IT ON!