There was nothing pretty about that one. Gone was the feeling of complete control I had last week. I started out apprehensively and finished with a good time, but a twisted face, crossing the line in 3:37.01 by my watch.

My left calf was shot after 5 kms and I struggled to try to stretch it out, trying not to speed up too much with the worry I’d tear something. I’m ok, but tired and tender. I’m beginning to think 6 marathon races in 1 month was not a terribly wise thing to do… especially as I’ve only completed 5 in the 5 years I’ve been running to now. But we’re 10% through and 1 month in!

I did meet some absolutely awesome people on the way though and I can still walk, so everything’s gonna be sweet. Thanks heaps for the support everyone. Bigger report in the next couple of days.