It’s an amazing thing to decide to go running around the world. I take this privilege very seriously. Many other things I take for granted though. Here’s a short list of them, but there are plenty more:

  1. Being Australian
  2. Being able to travel most places in the world & being well received because I am an Aussie
  3. Being able to run… even run a long way
  4. Having an amazing family who support me no matter what I do
  5. Knowing that my friends are always near, even right next to me (thanks Daz)
  6. Believing in myself and all that I can achieve
  7. Having money
  8. Having a good education
  9. Having food
  10. Having drinking water

In Australia, life is good. Most Aussies love to travel, but even after years away, they come home to roost. We don’t have too many serious difficulties to contend with…. apart from the odd raging fire that wipes out entire communities – they’re pretty scary…

Then you hear about Haiti. I wouldn’t rate Haiti as an easy place to grow up, though my knowledge of the place is pretty limited. But if you’re a child, trying to make the most of living simply, getting an education and appreciating your family, I’m sure Haiti is fine for the job. It’s still home, right?!

Then the world starts to tremble. Maybe you’re asleep and it wakes you. Maybe you’re at work and you’re startled by the suddenness of the shift beneath you. Whatever you’re doing, minutes later it the rest of your worries seem pretty unimportant. Women and children are dead, buried under falling buildings. Homes destroyed, businesses disappear, the world as you know it changes forever. Money’s worth nothing and all you can do is look for your loved ones and hope you get something to eat and some water in the next few days.

It’s gotta be really, really scary there right now. This is exactly why I chose to support UNICEF while running around the world. To give the kids in this time of insanity, some semblance of normality… some possibility of opportunity.

So I’m doing what little I can to support. I’m changing the donations system so that all moneys go directly to UNICEF. Everyday Hero is a great collections system, so the money goes straight to UNICEF when you donate through it. Previously I was splitting out half the money that was donated to my site to pay for the raffle and fly the winner to see us in May. We’ve raised about $1850 toward what is likely to be a $5000 prize. I will pay the rest of the money toward that prize so that now all donations can go to UNICEF and hopefully all to the children of Haiti.

The raffle is still on till the end of Feb though! For every $10 donated, you get another ticket to go into the draw and win a trip to see us in the week of your choice in May. That’s 5 different destinations you can choose from!

Thanks for supporting us everyone. But more importantly, let’s try to support these little heroes in their time of need.

Mumbai Marathon just 8 hours away – this one’s for Haiti!