I can’t believe it either, but friends (and friends of friends) have been in contact with the race organisers and they have graciously seen their way clear to give me an entry and allow me to run! I was going anyway, so it’s worked out very well!

Thanks to my old running partner (and North Face 100km smasher) Laura for putting me in touch with Montgomery Sen and Shobha. Monty even paid for my entry because I couldn’t transfer the money in time! What a great guy. Monty works with an organisation called Dia Vikas Capital that help finance the poor communities in India, giving them a chance to build small businesses and work their way out of difficult circumstances – see their website http://www.dia-vikas.org/. That’s an amazing partnership really!

Really Monty, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your help.

Thanks Mumbai, I can’t wait to have a crack at the biggest race in Asia with you!

On the downside, we may have lost Rio. They’ve moved their marathon to the 18th of July, which is way to close to Mongolia to be safe…