Well, while we were off partying on the weekend, the South Koreans were hatching dastardly plans to curb our enthusiasm and wreck our travel plans.. They moved revealed the date of their marathon and it’s a week later than this year… Booooo.. It the same time as the Rome Marathon. That’s just silly!

No doubt it was actually to ensure that North Korea’s Kim Jong Il was caught off guard as he was making plans to smash the Seoul Marathon and dance a jig on the finish line saying something along the lines of – “In your capitalist faces good-looking rich people of the not as happy as you make out South!”

So… we gotta change plans again. But I found something super cool to fit the 14th of March. The Cyprus Marathon! It was pretty tough finding flights that’ll get us there, but it’s a hop skip and a jump from Rome, so that helps. We may even get a chance to catch up with good buddy Tristan’s family!

Anyways, that’s how the cookie crumbles. I’m all about avoiding local conflict, so I’ll leave Kimbo Jong and the South Kozzies to their tiff.

Here we come Cyprus!