I caught up with some good friends last night – Hawks, Bundaman, Izzy and Peta. We went over to Izzy and Peta’s beautiful new home in Edithvale for a bbq and to check out the new pad. I gotta tell ya, it’s awesome! One of those “meant to be” purchases where they got it for a song and it’s perfect for them.

Anyway, 2 things came out of my conversations with Izzy:

1) The Challenge:

The man is inspired! But not for the traditional reasons. Izzy is a proud Greek, happy smoker and all round good guy. He believes that smoking is his choice and would like to prove the naysayers wrong about whether he could, or even should, train for a marathon, as a pack a day smoker. Initially it seemed ridiculous to me that he’d bother, but after a lengthy conversation, I realised that Izzy knows he could train for a marathon and understands that he may not want to smoke as much because he is exercising, but he has zero interest in actually quitting, so who am I to discourage his will to achieve?!

I’m not against smoking as such. Just as I’m not against occasional bouts of mad festive drinking! In fact, I’ve been known to puff a few ciggies myself when very drunk. Certainly doesn’t help me run well the next day. I don’t know if running a long way before or after a super relaxing smoke is going to do Izzy damage. Maybe that’s a topic for a forum or something. What I do know, is that anyone that is prepared to take control of their body, to lay down a challenge and achieve something as difficult as running a marathon, should be supported either way, no matter what their personal choices are.

Izzy is currently contemplating running the Athens Marathon, in October 2010. This is an extraordinarily significant marathon, not just because Athens is Izzy’s home town, but because it marks the 2500th anniversary of the Battle of Marathon, which has given us the marathon legend. I’ll write more about this tomorrow. It’s a big challenge, but Izzy is a great man and is up to the task. Going from pack a day smoker who hasn’t run for 20 years, to Athens Marathon champion would inspire the hell out of me, possibly enough to make it through my last 10 that year.

Do it Izzy.. Do it!

*But only if you buy some decent damn running shoes… More on that Friday…

2) The Blog:

The other thing Izzy brought up was that I don’t write on this thing often enough… The Hawks chimed in and agreed with him, saying that people are interested in what we’re doing in the lead up, not just what we’re doing throughout next year. I’m sorry people, I really didn’t know that anyone would want to hear the detail as we pull this thing together.

So I pledge to start writing more often, even daily where possible – except maybe on the weekends. We’ll talk about some of the cool partnerships we’re creating, basic training tips, watch Daz get match fit and hopefully be somewhat entertaining.

Please tell us what you want to here about in the comment box below this post. Even tell us about how frequently you expect us to blog, now and next year and let us know how often you’d like to be alerted.

Your feedback is appreciated!

Mates who Donate..

Turns out our Press Manager Nick has some pretty interesting mates. All over the world in fact! One of the more entrepreneurial ones, Valjean Boynton, has just chipped in to support us for next year. Really appreciated Valjean!

Check out Valjean’s business – Kegs on Legs! It’s a ripper and it’s just the type of help we’re gonna need to celebrate the end of this mad adventure.