The love just never stops..

We received $50 from old friend and running buddy Scotty Nathan. This guy is pumped about winning a trip away, but only if it’s in a desert, where he can test his metal! Scott is proud owner of the Fenix Fitness gym in Coburg, Melbourne. If you’re anywhere north and need to get hard, head in to see him – That fella is all champion!

And another $20 from the most extraordinary Florence Rivere! She puts the fun in beingĀ French. She’s even talking about coming to Paris just to cheer us on! Thanks so much Florence!

And $10 from another old mate from back in those crazy London days, The Krow himself, Steve Halcrow. That’s a whole lotta ANZAC spirit coming our way. Or is it a pity donation cause he reckons the ABs are going to thump the Wallabies on Sat night??? We’ll have you mate…. Cheers buddy!

And thanks to everyone for all the kind words and awesome support. We’ve already raised $150 for UNICEF!