The Breath Of Ghosts

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Our good friend Steve Brydon has written a powerful tale of triumph over personal demons. He is a new and inspiring voice in self re-invention. We’re happy to promote Steve’s book here on RunLikeCrazy!

The Breath of Ghosts is the story of how Steven Brydon went from battling depression and substance abuse to completing one of the most demanding endurance events on the planet. After fracturing his hip in a sporting injury in 2004, he took to his sofa and celebrated the achievements of others. Inspired yet ashamed, he laced on a pair of long-forgotten runners and ran for the first time in seven years. Steven had no idea his steps would lead him to a 250-kilometre ultra marathon across the Sahara.

His odyssey became more about a life changing personal transformation than self-improvement. As he challenged his own motivations, relationships and decisions, he discovered the questions we often ask of ourselves are as important as the conclusions we draw. The Breath of Ghosts is a painfully honest telling of a journey from self-deception to self-discovery and demonstrates the extraordinary changes we are capable of when we redefine our own start and finish lines.

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