Coached by Scott Nathan and Tristan Miller (founder of RunLikeCrazy), the South Yarra Club meets at the bottom vertical clock (near the horse trough across from the Swan Street Bridge) on a Tuesday and at the top vertical clock on Birdwood Ave on Thursday morning.

Scott has a passion for anything and everything to do with sport. He has a career in the health and fitness industry and his passion for running has seen him undertake some of his own crazy challenges. He has competed in big overseas races (like…big…real big…160km at the Ultra Trail Mont Blanc big!), and in 2012 he challenged himself to run 5km every day for a year and actually ended up doing it for 541 days in a row! Scott also spends many hours running around the backyard with his two kids, and running back and forth to the MCG to watch his beloved Richmond Tigers.

Tristan is well known for running 52 marathons in 52 weeks in 42 countries around the world in 2010. But like most, Tristan had humble beginnings (that’s a polite way of saying he ended walking a lot of his first lap of the Tan), only taking up running in his late 20’s. With experience training and running distances from 5k right up to 160km, Tristan has insights and experience that very few other coaches can offer athletes.

The location provides the opportunity to run around the Botanical Gardens or along the Yarra, and the group regularly makes use of the athletics track at AAMI Park to really get your fast twitch fibres firing!

For more information contact:

Scott on 0412510836 or

Tristan 0414356244 or


Athlete Experiences…

I was a jogger for more than 10 years running the odd race here and there. In 2011 while living in Canada, I joined a running club targeted towards half- and full-marathons. Since then I’ve run two full- and four half-marathons, and a bunch of shorter events. When I moved to Melbourne, I started looking for a group of friendly, like-minded people where I would be pushed to improve. I discovered RunLikeCrazy Run Club and I’ve been running with them regularly for about 7 months now. I feel like I am in the best shape of my life. Every couple of weeks my Garmin tells me I’ve run my fastest km. I’m not a place-getting runner and probably never will be, but with the Run Club I know that my goals are encouraged and celebrated just as much as those of the faster runners. The group is super-supportive and easy-going. I really appreciate the commitment of all the regulars, it makes me look forward to getting up earl to run 10k before breakfast! – Jacqui Hommel

I joined RunLikeCrazy Run Club for a bit of motivation to help improve my general fitness. Coming from a background of a few half marathons and fun runs, I had no expectations from the group other than social running. And then 5 months after I joined I did my first marathon in under 4 hours and now a year and half later I have completed 3 marathons. I’ve achieved some great personal best times over short and long distance events, well beyond what I ever expected. The group is laid back, welcoming and friendly, it really encourages you to get up and give your best each day – Drew Thomson

Initially got into running as a bet. A friend bet me that I would never be able to run a marathon. So I entered the 2009 Dublin Marathon and it took me over 4 and half long hours to complete. Since then I have entered countless races, 10kms, half marathons, I’ve completed two more marathons and I’m set to run my next one in a couple of months. Running has become an addiction!  In 2014, I entered the Melbourne marathon and I looked for a running group to help keep me motivated. I’d just moved out to Australia from Ireland and was a member of a running club at home, I missed the group runs and wanted the opportunity to meet new people.  I’ve been a member of a few running groups but RunLikeCrazy is the most inclusive and welcoming group of them all. I have made some wonderful friends at the club, waking up at 5:30am to hit the track with friends is much easier than baring it alone! I smashed my first marathon time at the Melbourne Marathon (3:28) taking more than an hour off it! It’s a great Club and really caters for all types of runners. It’s also introduced me to the most interesting, inspiring and crazy running people – Eve Buckley