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Ok, this has been a little while in the making. We've had a few false starts, but it finally works and it looks pretty good!

Essentially this is a annual competition, running from the beginning of September each year. The plan is to have as many people as possible to enter a minimum of 3 marathons each year. The cumulative time will be divided by the 3 races, so the fastest average time will win!

We want to be as fair as possible, so there will be a Male and Female prize. We also recognise that not everyone is super fast, so everybody gets a prize for being involved!


First prize for male and female winners is - 

$2500 AUD toward your trip to Melbourne, Australia, for The Inaugural Bull Run

This will pay for a return flight from most parts of the world to attend our race. Any leftover funds will go accomodation and spending money. Beyond this, you will be received as guests of honour at the race and well taken care of.

Now, this is obviously aimed to intrigue people from around the world to have a go at the competition and consider our race. But if you are from Melbourne, then you may not need flights to be a part of The Bull Run. So, we're still going to put that money toward your next international race expedition! That's right - you enter the NYC Marathon or The Great Wall Marathon and we contribute $2500 toward the race. ONLY IF YOU'RE FROM VICTORIA ALREADY!

Either which way, you get $2500 worth of Rad Race Moola!!

You get it right? The point is we want you to come be a part of our race. The Bull Run. Yeah, you got it. Excellent!


  1. The top 5 winners in among male and female categories also receive free entry into the race. That's worth more than $160 each for the standard entry. 
  2. RunLikeCrazy Singlets for all top 10 winners in each male and female category. That's a lot of singlets people!
  3. "Run Like Crazy" The Book for top 10 in each male and female category. I wrote it, you'll love it!
More prizes to be anounced across the coming months. I reckon everyone who enters this comp will receive something outrageously cool, just for entering your race times!

And this is clearly going to cost us a fortune.. And when I say us, I mostly mean me, your old mate Tristan..

We want all Marathon Maniacs and Wild Multi Marathon runners to get involved. This is designed to be a fun competition, so let's keep it positive and encouraging!



I have to admit that my original idea for this didn't garner enough entries and attention to make it work. That was largely because I had a few month time limit on the race schedule. Now, I've expanded that to a year, beginning from September 1st 2012, so you can enter any times you may have within these dates:

September 1st, 2012 - August 31st, 2013

Many of you will have done some races, so please, plug them in, but don't be afraid to update your profile if you manage some faster times in the remaining months to August 31.


You can use a universal login to create a race profile. By clicking on either the Facebook login button or the Google login button, you will be asked to connect the profile to the respective accounts you already have. Click a button and see, it's really easy.

Can you create a profile otherwise? No, I'm afraid this is the only way. If you don't have one, then just sign up to a Google account - it's quick and painless.


This is meant to be a fun competition, so please complete the profile, with a picture. We want you to be characters in this fun adventure, so the more we know about you and your race history, the more fun it is for us to write about your successes!

We'll be updating everyone along the way, using the RunLikeCrazy & TheBullRun Facebook Pages. If you want to submit race reports that link back to your own websites, well, that's encouraged too.

Race Requirements:

There is a bit of an honour system attached to this kind of competition. It would be easy to bend the rules in some form or another. To get past some of this, we'll need you to supply the following details for each race.

  1. Race Name - ie. Melbourne Marathon
  2. Race Place - city and country, ie. Melbourne, Australia
  3. Race Time - HH:MM:SS
  4. Race Date - YEAR:MONTH:DAY
  5. Competitor Number - your bib number, so that we may verify your result
  6. Picture - upload a pic of you at the end of the race. Gives us more to tweet about!
Roll cursor over competitor name and race times in the current leaderboard - you'll see the detail displayed.

We must be able to find your race results on the web. We will be looking, so please give us the most accurate details possible.

Must be an official 42.2km marathon. It can be road or trail, but it must be an official distance.

*THE IDEA IS TO HAVE SOME FUN WITH THIS COMPETITION. This is just a privately funded comp, so if some details change along the way (nothing serious, I promise), then just go with it.

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