Q1: Jan – Mar

One down.. what a crazy way to start!

Well I got through it! I know you've probably all been waiting for me to write this for a couple of days and I really am going to have to get better at writing this report straight after the event. In short, I was kinda knocked for 6 by running in the middle of the [...]

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The day the Big Show began..

It's about 7am on the 31st of December, in Zurich, Switzerland and tonight is the beginning of the biggest year of my life. This whole fiasco began months ago really, but up till now it was all talk. I haven't been so great at doing the blog posts. Wrapping up your life, saying goodbye to [...]

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First International Article

How sweet is reading an article about yourself in another language?! I'm going to assume it says we're totally awesome. Note the description under the photo.... Apparently Daz is now my coach!!! haha..

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