The Weekly Bugler

Another couple of weekends have flown by and we have excitement aplenty at every turn. With two of our team completing their first marathon, whilst tackling the Melbourne Ironman; some amazing representation of RLC at the Jerusalem Marathon; a fun outing at Eltham Fun Run; plus our great friend Donna Urquhart winning the Rollercoaster 43km race. Sadly, I [...]

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Fem Fatale Dominates Fuego Y Agua

Hola a todos! Returning home 2 weeks ago from an adventurous February in Central America, I can say has been quite an adjustment. My mind is still lost somewhere on Island Ometepe in Nicaragua. My adventure began when a close friend confirmed she was moving to Belize for a year. Working for the YMCA in [...]

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Eltham Fun Run – “Open Doors” Fundraiser

The Eltham Leisure Centre Fun Run will be held this Sunday, the 23rd March 2014  (9am start). The event has a 5km run/walk and 10km run along the most picturesque bike paths in Nillumbik. Participants can be of any fitness level and it is a great event for families. Great prizes on offer for the first three [...]

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The Breath Of Ghosts – Steve introduces his incredible new book!

The recent release of “The Breath Of Ghosts” has given me many reasons to pause and reflect on the most startling and transformational year of my life. A year ago, almost exactly one year in fact, I landed back in Australia after capping my journey from the sofa to the Sahara by completing a 250 [...]

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City2Surf For All The Right Reasons

I had a cracking City2Surf. It was partly because of the amazing weather, but mostly because of the people. The Weather: I've only seen one rainy City2Surf in 7 appearances. Even then, I thought it was a mixture of good and bad. The MCs even mentioned that brides had begun scheduling their wedding on City2Surf [...]

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Leaderboard Wrap And New Season 2013/14

Thanks to all those who were part of the Marathon Leaderboard for 2012/13. It's difficult to get 3 marathons into a single year, so those that managed 3 (and more) have done exceptionally well to even qualify, let alone finish with such excellent average times. Final Standings Men: Scott "Britto" Brittain (AUS)         - 2:39:55 [...]

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