TalkLikeCrazy – TEDxDubbo

This is pretty special.. I was honoured to be invited by David and Andrew Ward to their FACETS forum, which doubled as a TEDx event in Dubbo. I've been watching TED talks for a number of years and never thought I'd have anything worth adding myself. It seems I was wrong. I was lucky enough [...]

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What a way to Finish – RunLikeCrazy Marathon

Howdy all, thanks for your patience post marathon. It would have been ideal for me to write a huge post about my elation at having completed that final event, but the fact is I fell to pieces and just tried to revive myself at the beach for a few days following. First off - THANK-YOU [...]

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Final Competition Details!!

It's very late on Final Marathon Eve and once again I am here tapping away at my computer trying to punch out more information..I'll keep this brief and as clear as possible. A couple of things have changed, which will only mildly change the outcome of the "December Donations Draw". We raised another $2530 within [...]

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Dynamic Performance

Howdy Kids! I want you all to take some time to check out my buddy Kev's website and consider how his awesome new setup can help you out. We all think we know how to run, until we run with others, then we consider how differently we move compared to everyone else. There's certainly nothing [...]

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