Run Club Begins!

Very exciting to launch RunLikeCrazy Run Club. It's been a interesting journey over the last three years, but I think we've finally found the right path to expansion. It just happened to be a CRACKING Melbourne morning, so that just added to this very special day. People have been wearing the RunLikeCrazy Bull in events [...]

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Leaderboard Wrap And New Season 2013/14

Thanks to all those who were part of the Marathon Leaderboard for 2012/13. It's difficult to get 3 marathons into a single year, so those that managed 3 (and more) have done exceptionally well to even qualify, let alone finish with such excellent average times. Final Standings Men: Scott "Britto" Brittain (AUS)         - 2:39:55 [...]

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RunLikeCrazy Leaderboard Soon To End!!

Clearly been travelling too much lately, as I only just saw some quality new times on the Marathon Leaderboard! Welcome to Jodie "Swinger" Oborne, who has hit the board running - straight to the top of the female category! Her 3 marathon average is a heavy hitting 3:13.56! And we "Big Kev" Matthews from WA, [...]

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Super September Kicks Off!

I’m about 15 hours away from another really big challenge. It’s not just the 320km ultra-marathon across the Austrian alps that has me worried, but the additional 3 city marathons that I’ll attempt by the end of September. I call it Super September. It has also been referred to as Stupid September, so it’s probably [...]

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Botanic to Bridge – Brilliant Day Out!

Wow, Gladstone really knows how to put on a race! It’s been about 10 days now, but I still have some great flashbacks of the day, especially all the little heroes that were strutting their stuff on behalf of their primary schools. As I said in my previous post, the Gladstone Ports Corporation put this [...]

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Botanic to Bridge – Gladstone, QLD

Looking forward this weekend to the Botanic to Bridge. I was asked along as a Race Ambassador, though as a first time ambassador for anything away from my local cafe, where I spruik for free lattés, I didn't really know what I was going to do. I went to Gladstone two weeks ago and I [...]

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Pre-Order The Book Now!!!!

The time is finally coming. The book is only a few months away! To celebrate, I’d like to invite everyone who has been asking for a copy this wild adventure, to pre-purchase the book now.   Click Here For RunLikeCrazy The Book!   The book will be signed and delivered, immediately after launch at the [...]

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