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To connect directly to RunLikeCrazy, or to contact Tristan regarding speaking opportunities and media:

Ph – +61 414 356 244

Em – tristan@runlikecrazy.com

Speaker Site – Tristan Miller


  1. Hi there, me and two girlfriends are training for great ocean road half marathon this year. First run this long. We’ve only ever done 15km before. We’ve been recommended to join your group for at least one session a week. Do we need to book? We’re thinking Tuesday 6am session in South Melbourne/Albert Park. cheers, Nadine

  2. Hi Tristan.

    I’m interested un your running club in South Melb do you do evenings too? , I’m noooo athlete I have only ever done a half marathon before. Cheers Kat

  3. Hi Tristian.

    I spoke to you briefly last weekend at the ‘keeping kids on track’ fun run at Kilkunda about my niece Bec. Bec is running 20 km a day for a year. She has only about 26 days to go and will be finishing her challenge at ‘run for the kids’. I was wondering if you could recomend the best way to promote her cause so that she can reach her donation target. Thanks Fiona.

  4. Hi Fiona. Nice to hear from you. Yes, I sent an email to Bec this week. Hope to see her at the Run For The Kids in a few weeks. I’ll help if I can. Tristan

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