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The Story So Far…

Damn..... Tears welled in my eyes when I first saw this. It was played at the Tribal (my illustrious club) Awards Night last weekend. Thanks to Pete Lockyer for putting it together and reminding me how far I've come. 30 down... 22 to go... Big new post up tomorrow.

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Heroes & Hazards – Paris to Boston

I know this is a little retrospective, but I'm not going to miss out on getting the great stories down from Paris, Boston, New York and London. So you'll have to bear with me... After the run in Paris, I was tired… I’d had a great day, having not really anticipated how much I’d enjoy [...]

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Eastern Bloc Party – Prague Marathon

Getting out of Belfast was another lucky break. I’ve dodged so many bullets in the past few weeks, I’m beginning to feel like Neo in the Matrix. Maybe the Compeed blister bandaids do more than absorb blisters. Maybe they have made me unstoppable in general travel too! I got to Boston a day or so [...]

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Spring in my step – Paris Marathon Report

Wow… April has been…. rapid… exciting... surprising… exhausting.. MASSIVE! I should let go of writing about all that has happened. But I just can’t. I’m on a plane right now, heading to Belfast after running in Cape Town, Paris, Boston and London. I’m sick, with a sore throat and stuffed nose. I’m tired, having only [...]

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Bulky Boston report coming soon. Sorry guys, just been loaded with admin for a couple of days and have to get on a plane to London in a few short hours. What an experience though... You just gotta do it!!!!! TB

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