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Ladies, ladies, ladies….

Haha, what exactly do you think this post is about?! It's another big thank-you email for donations.. Two amazing women who have been super close friends and awesome supporters of our insane adventure from Day 1! Ali Holmes is not your regular English Rose.. She's always had a bit of a point to prove about [...]

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New FAQ – Why no Australian Marathon?

Email from Jessica Schulter (is that spelled right?): How come you aren't doing any in Australia? Jess ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Heya Jess! This is a good question and will definitely be added to the FAQs and posted on the Blog. I guess I've been pretty comfortable answering friends when that comes up, but never made it clear [...]

By | October 28th, 2009|Lead Up, RunLikeCrazy|3 Comments

Record Breaking Donation!

Thanks so much to David and the guys at Gasman Bikes! They donated $200!!! That's huge and was the day after my TV appearance.. Check out the Gasman Bikes website and see all the cool bikes and motorised gear they sell! I'm a huge motorbike fan and next time I'm in Penrith, I'll drop in and [...]

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Donations Akimbo!

We're still copping donations left right and centre.. Especially from many of my TriBal champion friends. I want to quickly thank a couple of them here. Martin Devereux is a long time TriBal powerhouse. I don't know him too well, but I hear he knows how to put together a killer pub crawl! Marty works [...]

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A day for Champions..

The Melbourne Marathon was on Sunday. It made me remember why I love marathons so much. This time I was a spectator though, as I had to pull the pin on this one, with my legs still giving me a little trouble and next year being a much bigger task to prepare for. I went [...]

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Another change of plan!

I found out from the lovely people at Travelling Fit - Michael and Mari-Mar - that one of the most interesting marathons I wanted to do next year has been cancelled, because it was logistically too difficult to keep doing. The marathon in question is the Great Tibetan Marathon on July 17th.. Pity, I've always [...]

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Marathon’s 2500th Anniversary

Now, this is a good story, but also a little contentious. How about we just stick to the fantasy for this one though, for the sake of a good story. It turns out that next year has the makings of something extra special, because it is actually the 2500th anniversary of the Battle Of Marathon, [...]

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Big Ups From A Marathon Legend

There are a few Australian names that automatically come to mind when you start talking about marathons and distance running. Rob de Castella is one... Cliffy Young another... even Craig Mottram as the new kid on the block. But Steve Moneghetti trumps all these names. Not necessarily because he is the best of them (though [...]

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This Cat’s Got My Back…

This donation came through a couple of days ago, but I've been a little caught up to do a proper shout out. It's safe to say that Nic Marie, aka The Cougar, is the guy that I do most of my running with and the runner that I aspire to be the majority of the [...]

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Some people are born heroes…

I'm not one of those people. Daz maybe... I really do rate him that highly. People keep asking why we're doing this and the short answer is - "Coz we're gonna have a helluva time!" Other people have much, MUCH, better reasons to run. Not only that, but the fact they are even running makes [...]

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