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Bye Bye Berlin

I love Berlin. Always have. I went to the Love Parade, danced with 1.3 million people in the streets there a few years ago and was pretty sure life didn’t get much better.. But Berlin in the middle of Winter, ...

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Mumbai Marathon IS BACK!

www.mumbaimarathon.com I can’t believe it either, but friends (and friends of friends) have been in contact with the race organisers and they have graciously seen their way clear to give me an entry and allow me to run! I was ...

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Daz gets famous at home!

How cool, Daz organised an article when home visiting family and friends over a month ago and it just showed up in the paper on the weekend. Read the article here. Awesome Daz! How good’s that photo too?!

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The day the Big Show began..

It’s about 7am on the 31st of December, in Zurich, Switzerland and tonight is the beginning of the biggest year of my life. This whole fiasco began months ago really, but up till now it was all talk. I haven’t ...

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Today Show TV Interview 271209

National TV interview, just before we took off to begin our epic adventure. I look pretty calm, but I was pretty nervy at the time – more because it was d-day than because of the interview!

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