Tristan Miller:

Tris Profile 4

Tristan (aka T-Bone) is still just a running apprentice. Compared to many heroic runners who have covered ultramarathons all over the world, he has only just begun his journey to become a respectable distance runner.

Tristan will turn 33yo on the 3 of Jan, with around 4 years of credible running experience behind him. Having run 5 official marathons and one ultramarathon (the famous 90km Comrades Marathon), he is quite accustomed to running long distances on a regular basis..

But can he do it every week?? This remains to be seen..

Darren Foss:

Darren Foss

The Dazzler is a proud New Zealander and Tennis Coach, who has vowed to keep his buddy Tristan laughing when all the chips are down. He’s a trained massage therapist who has an extraordinary capacity to party.

His principle role in this whole escapade is to keep the camera rolling, get us to the planes on schedule and have a really good time.

Darren will attempt to run at least 2 of the 52 marathons. But with no prior running experience, this too will be a remarkable story. He aims to run his first marathon in Germany on his 28th birthday – the 7th of Feb.

Can the Dazzler have an awesome time, keep T-Bone motivated and train for a 42.195km race all at the same time?? Only one way to find out..