*All questions answered by Tristan

How far is a marathon?

42.195 kilometres or 26.218 miles

How far will you run in 52 weeks?!

Officially I will run 2194.14kms or 1,363.33m

Unofficially it will be about twice that with training runs included

Will you run during the week?

I will run at least 2 x 20km training runs during the week to keep my legs turning over

How many countries will you cover?

At this point, 42 – it’s unavoidable to run a few marathons in places like Germany, Italy and the USA

Has this been done before?

Yes it has, I have found a few examples of this being done in the past few years, not to mention the famous Dean Karnazes doing 50 in 50 days! But all of these have been done within the USA and Canada. As far as I can tell, I’ll be the first to do this on a global scale, especially including a couple that are well off the reservation! My hat is off to those guys and girls who have come before me, but apart from some of those crazy ultra-marathoners, I’d like to think this is a grander adventure than has been previously attempted. The sheer volume of travel, mixed in with other adventures, should make this a very entertaining story to follow.

Why are you doing this?

It’s tacky to say “because I can”, but that’s most of the reason. A friend asked two questions that are a little more poignant –

  • Q: What are you running from?
  • A: I guess I’m letting go of all the “have to’s”. You have to have an impressive career, you have to make more money, you have to get married, you have to buy a newer car/bigger TV/better furniture. I worked my butt off for more than a decade and the last place I worked was Google, one of the biggest companies in the world. Then they shut my office and I was made redundant.  Even working for a company like Google does not mean your job is safe. Although I’m not short on job offers, I’m ready to get out of the rat-race.
  • Q: What are you running to?
  • A: A life less ordinary.. Another cliche, but how often do we sit around with our mates and wonder what it would be like to jump on a plane and do all the cool things you dream about, all the things that a friend of a friend enjoyed on his/her holiday? To do it all you’d need 4 weeks a year for the next decade to scratch the surface. If you’re a sports/rock/movie star, they pay you to be in these places and have these adventures. Well, Dazzler and I are none of those things, but we want to have those adventures too and in 2010 we’re gonna do it all!

Do you support charities?

Yes! We are open to any charity and the plan is to give all public donations and pledges to UNICEF. We’ll be doing this via EveryDayHero.com.au/Runlikecrazy. Please go to our Everyday Hero profile and donate there.

What about Sponsors?

We’re more than happy to enter into  any sponsorship discussions. We’re not courting a lot of sponsorship at this stage and  I have deliberately underwritten the whole adventure so that it does not hinge on whether we get sponsorship or not. It’s going ahead regardless, but if you get in early, we’re gonna love you heaps more than everyone else… haha, only kidding.

Seriously, if you want to talk, then contact us at RunLikeCrazy2010@gmail.com or phone Nick McCormack, on 0406 010 348.

What if you get sick?

Depends what kind of sick. I’ll get food poisoning or some type of stomach bug, I’m sure. If properly managed, I should still be able to run. We will do everything possible to avoid this, including cooking many of our own meals. If I get malaria, I may have to stop for a week and make up the missed marathon later in the year.

What if your body falls apart?

A distinct possibility, but I’ll have bandaids and gaffer tape in my backpack, so I should be fine. Honestly though, the point of this trip is to find out if that does happen.

What if you get eaten by a bear?

Wow… unlikely, but as long as the cameras are rolling, it’d be a pretty spectacular end to show, right?!

Is Dazzler single?

Hell yes, he is! And he really knows how to dance and make you feel like a woman..

Want more? Send us a question.. runlikecrazy2010@gmail.com