Associate Sponsor

Runlikecrazy Marathon is pleased to announce NAB as an associate sponsor of the race.  NAB is sponsoring the event through it's Local Sponsorship Fund, with the support of local Regional Executive for Retail - Tony Hocking. Tony will be out on course on the day punching out a half marathon with competitors - so make [...]

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RunLikeCrazy Post Race Party ‘Official Beer Supplier”

RunLikeCrazy Post Race Party ‘Official Beer Supplier” Yes ladies and gentleman……you read it correctly…..Marathon 52 would not be complete without an official beer sponsor. On behalf of everyone attending the post race party…..welcome Cricketers Arms Lager! Does anyone doubt that Tristan deserves a beer at the end of all this? What better beer than Cricketers [...]

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RunLikeCrazy Marathon Sponsor Announcement

RunLikeCrazy Marathon Sponsor Announcement All the way from the Cayman Islands…….RunLikeCrazy Marathon would like to welcome Krys & Associates on board as an Associate Sponsor of Marathon 52! Krys & Associates have been a major sponsor of Tristan’s quest to run 52 marathons in 52 weeks. Kenneth Krys, CEO and Founder of Krys & Associates [...]

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Post Race Party Sponsors

Runlikecrazy Post Race Party ‘Official Venue’ The official Runlikecrazy Marathon post race party will take place at Honey Bar in South Melbourne. Tristan definitely deserves a beer or two he completes marathon 52. If you are looking for a venue to host your next function or simply want to have a beer with friends, make [...]

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Associate Sponsors

Runlikecrazy Marathon Sponsor Announcement Runlikecrazy Marathon is pleased to welcome Schepisi Communications on board as an associate sponsor for the event. Schepisi Communications is a recognized leader in delivering telecommunications solutions to corporate and business customers. Schepisi has a strong partnership with Telstra and through their personal service, will match your business priorities to the [...]

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For sponsorship opportunities associated with the event or Tristan Miller please contact Rebecca Sherwill on 0407 300 672 or becsherwill@gmail.com

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