Dahab and scuba diving pics

What an amazing experience to go snorkelling and scuba diving. It was I the Dazzler's first time and I'm definately hooked on it now. An awesome birthday present thanks to Tristan. Met more great people Cameron, Letitia and Kevin and partied with some loco Spanish boys Mario and Julian. De puta madre.

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Journey to Dahab pics

About 3hrs after the race we made a split decision to take a bus ride to Dahab instead of going to Aswan. Probably the best decision we ever made but probably not so much for Tristan's legs. Endured a crazy bus ride which we got told was 14hrs but was actually 19hrs, ha. But worth [...]

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Luxor Marathon pics

One of the craziest marathons to date. In 30 degree heat the T-man completed this hard fought battle in tough conditions as it was actually 40kms according to Tristan's garmin watch. So he had to run back out for 1km after going through the finish line then 1km back to complete this marathon in true [...]

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Luxor madness pics

The day before the big race we hired bikes and rode to the Valley Of The Kings and checked out the ancient tombs. Met some very cool people from the hostel to share the experience with -Barry, Joy and Alan.

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The Great Pyramids pics

Arriving in Cairo from Munich and getting our own driver for the day to take us around the 3 famous sites. Even checking out the magnificent famous pyramids on a camel. Wow what an amazing experience.

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