Q3: Jul – Sep

Third Leg

Big Hearts, Big Beats… Berlin Marathon

It’s been a long while since I’ve written a real blog. I’ve got notes and part written sections again, but pulling it all together on a weekly basis just seems to allude me. Actually, if you consider that my adventure has daily new twists, I’m surprised I manage to record anything! Haha.. But here we [...]

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RunLikeCrazy, DrinkLikeCrazy, DanceLikeCrazy – Marathon du Médoc video!

It's quite remarkable what the human body will endure. Running 42kms is one thing. Running in 28˚C heat is another. Add a whacky costume and you're asking for trouble. Get crazy drunk on excellent French reds and the world goes into a tail spin.. The Marathon du Médoc is one of the funniest, most insane [...]

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How’s your Swedish?

Well in case your Swedish isn't as strong as you'd like I translated it persoally(read used Google translator) - Nick He joined the Coast Marathon in Kristianopel with 26 in the marathon legs. Took around at just under four hours and did not even out of breath after finishing. "Today was a workout. I can [...]

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