High times on Struggle Street – Marathon de Marrakech

This tour is about seeing the world, as much as it is about running and taking on a massive challenge. In doing this, Daz and I are determined to do some stuff we really love…like partying in different clubs and festivals all over the globe. So with this in mind, we hit the coolest club [...]

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Spanish good times & Moroccan madness with Daz

Hi everyone!! It's been a hectic time since leaving Dubai over a week ago. Canary Islands was de puta madre and the time went way too fast. Thanks to Rebeca for hosting us, you were fantastic in every way. All her friends, Omar, Fiorentina, Juan and Tatiana muchos gracias para todo, you helped us tremendously, we won't [...]

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Mental in Morocco – Marrakech Marathon Result!

There was nothing pretty about that one. Gone was the feeling of complete control I had last week. I started out apprehensively and finished with a good time, but a twisted face, crossing the line in 3:37.01 by my watch. My left calf was shot after 5 kms and I struggled to try to stretch [...]

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Madrid to Marrakech – strange times in transit

A couple of days ago, I had a pretty weird 24 hours. My good friend and flatmate, Nick, sent me a text when I was leaving, which stated - “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you deal with it…” Sage words really and I have been thinking about them a lot [...]

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