In the footsteps of greatness – Dubai Marathon

I knew I was going to have an interesting run in Dubai. I was pumped about it all week. Even a little too excited, because after I met Haile Gebrsellasie at the press conference on Wednesday, I went for a run in the evening and kinda overdid it. I ran from the Jumeirah Beach Residences, [...]

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Nailed it! Dubai Marathon Result

Just a quick one before I go & sleep for a few hours. I banged that one out in style. There's a few stories to tell in a longer blog, but the short of it is that I did my fastest time this month (can't believe that's 4 in 3 weeks) with a 3:35.15. I [...]

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T-Bone & The Prince

Today was a great day! I went to the press conference for the Dubai Marathon and they had a very special guest.. World champion, current world record holder, running god and all round top human being, Haile Gebrsellasie! We were invited to the press conference by Alan Ewens, official publicist for the marathon and all [...]

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