And then something happened…

I've seen some pretty interesting stuff in our world. I'm a lucky guy and good things have always happened in my life. Bad shit happened too, but I think the good stuff far outweighs it all. The last week has been one of the most eye-opening, enlightening weeks of my life. It has been jam [...]

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The Dazzler Experience – Israel

Wow, Israel is an amazing place indeed... Tel Aviv is now in my top 5 cities of all time!! Such a great atmosphere, people are so friendly and of course they know how to PARTY...ha. Found a bar opposite the hostel and bartender filled me in on where to go. Ended up going to a [...]

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Running through history – Tiberias Marathon

Number 2… Tiberias, Israel. Wow, that hurt! I was running well from the start, but it was a freak hot day in an otherwise mild Israeli Winter. They say it only reached 26 degrees, but with the sun beating down, it felt a whole lot hotter. The later the race got, the more I struggled [...]

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Tiberias Resuuuuuuuuuult!

Really did have to tough that one out. 3:52.35 It was hot and hard, but there was a great atmosphere and the people were brilliant. Go Israel! More tomorrow. I need a rest. Thanks for the link and the support Hadas!

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Bye Bye Berlin

I love Berlin. Always have. I went to the Love Parade, danced with 1.3 million people in the streets there a few years ago and was pretty sure life didn't get much better.. But Berlin in the middle of Winter, -6 degrees, covered in snow, when you're there because you missed a flight is not [...]

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