05: Gran Canaria, Spain

Gran Canaria Maraton Video

The first video! Actually, they're gonna be out of order, but I figure I'll get this one up and try to be on time with the upcoming race videos, then work backwards. Sorry about the camera shake. I couldn't slow down because I wanted to pull a respectable PB.. Will try to do better. If [...]

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Beyond all reason – Gran Canaria Maraton

What happened in Las Palmas is beyond my comprehension.... I finished the Dubai Marathon in very strong form, though within a couple of hours after finishing, I was a bit of a train wreck. The idea of getting on a flight that night, flying to the Canary Islands via London and running again Sunday... well, [...]

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The spanish way pics

Making the most of Australia Day by eating in restaurant that had a picture of a kangaroo,ha. Just wait for Waitangi Day! Cruising around this lovely island of Las Palmas and having dinner with the awesome gang. Followed by a short stopover in Madrid for a night!

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Bringing the heat to Winter – Gran Canaria Result!

Very quick update. I just pulled a Personal Best out of a situation that I thought might put me in hospital... But I smashed it good, even though it was just 2 days after the Dubai Marathon and I had to travel 18 hours to get here... I finished at 3:18.10, a best by about [...]

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Dubai, London & Las Palmas pics

Leaving the great UAE and our hectic flight schedule to Las Palmas via London. Catching up with awesome Alexis for 2hrs then on route to Las Palmas for the Marathon, interviews and fine food with new friends.

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