My final run of the trip was what I hoped – a reasonably cruisey and enjoyable half marathon around the thousand year old ruins of Angkor Wat and the archeological park near Siem Reap, Cambodia.



It was the 19th occasion for the event and with options of 21km, 10km and 3km runs, around 7000 participants started. There is also wheelchair events and events for amputees as this event donates monies to charities helping those affected by landmines and other post-war hazards.

The course does have some amazing views of the ruins at times, in particular when runners move through the gates of Angkor Thom and around Bayon Temple. However there are also some stretches of long, straight, less inspiring roads.


Half the running distance than Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar, so half the length of blog… Below I summarise my experience (and share some insights) of the Angkor Wat run:

1. It is not advised to wake up at the start time and begin the race 30 minutes late. Weaving through the 3km and 10km runners wastes energy.

2. Starting dead last gives plenty of opportunity to offer encouragement and chat to the other back markers as you pick your way through the field.

3. By 8am it is already very hot at Angkor Wat.


4. At all times it is recommended to go to the bathroom pre-race. Mad dashes off course can result in very prickly, blood causing cuts. Other mad dashes into local’s houses and ‘bathrooms’ are more fruitful and an experience in themselves!

5. Getting dressed and inhaling a boiled egg in a tuk tuk on the way to the start is not  advised, however amusing it may be to the locals watching the show.

6. Running a half marathon inebriated is NOT recommended. Hungover is passable, drunk is not. 🙂

7. If you desire an accurate time, best idea is to actually run over the official start line to activate your timing chip as oppose to weaving through the crowds from wherever the tuk tuk drops you off a few km’s from the start. 2:45 was not a flattering official time!





My Angkor Wat Half Marathon experience right there for you folks.

The adventures of Mr Run Like Crazy Tristan Miller provided me with thoughts and inspiration for these runs on my trip through Asia. One of the best choices of my life. Amazing people, cultures, places and experiences I’ve had. However these are my thoughts and my experiences and I’ve enjoyed sharing them with you. Others may have completely differing stories to tell. This is the essence of the journey, only you can know what it is like… So I encourage all to get out there and Run Like Crazy!

I’ll leave you now with advice from a friend of mine….

“Let it be well with you and enjoy every little moment.”

Stevie J

This post is dedicated to Em and the Spreckley family.  Always loved, never forgotten.