Thanks to all those who were part of the Marathon Leaderboard for 2012/13. It’s difficult to get 3 marathons into a single year, so those that managed 3 (and more) have done exceptionally well to even qualify, let alone finish with such excellent average times.
Final Standings Men:
  1. Scott “Britto” Brittain (AUS)         – 2:39:55
  2. Kevin “Big Kev” Matthews (AUS) – 2:42:45
  3. Andrew “Andy” Fuller (GB)           – 2:49:20
Final Standings Women:
  1. Jodie “Swinger” Oborne (AUS)      – 3:13:56
  2. Alicia “Karhu Girl” Juhl (USA)     – 3:22:45
  3. Albane “Wifey” Fauron (GB)*         – 3:40:34
*My apologies to Albane Fauron – a French woman living in the UK – as she came 3rd in the standings, just ahead of Lauren Hill. Sorry to both Wifey and Loz for the mixup!
Our two winners have opted to be sponsored for a couple of big races in the coming 12-18 months. Britto is looking to tear up Tokyo in 2015 and Swinger is staring down the barrel of the World Champs in Latvia next August! We’re very proud to be sponsoring you for those adventures guys!! Where would you go if you won the Race Cash next year??
So, did you have fun being a part of this comp? I think we’ve done enough to prove that the Leaderboard idea will work, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to get sponsorship and some great prizes for this year’s Leaderboard.
You can check out the new Leaderboard HERE. It’s fairly blank, so I’d welcome any additions to kick off the new season. Have you completed any official marathons since September 1st , 2013, that you may like to list now?We were exceedingly proud to see so many countries represented – USA, UK, France, Mauritius, Israel, New Zealand, Singapore, Mexico, Ireland, Norway, Sweden & Australia..That’s impressive, right?! Though it does mean we have some serious international postage to deal with. I hope we get a few more countries involved in this coming year’s comp, along with more representation from your countries too! Tell your buddies!!

Well done to everyone involved and thank-you for your patience and continued support for RunLikeCrazy and our wonderful Leaderboard!