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RunLikeCrazy Leaderboard Soon To End!!

Clearly been travelling too much lately, as I only just saw some quality new times on the Marathon Leaderboard!

Welcome to Jodie “Swinger” Oborne, who has hit the board running – straight to the top of the female category! Her 3 marathon average is a heavy hitting 3:13.56!

And we “Big Kev” Matthews from WA, has taken a well earned second place overall, with an incredibly quick 2:42.45, under 3 minutes behind our overall leader Britto!

Welcome, also, to new runners from around the world. Albane “Wifey” Fauron, a Parisian living in London, who is loving his running all around the world. Plus our super runners around Australia, who have got behind this annual competition in excellent numbers!

There are only 12 days to go, so if you know anyone that should be entering the comp to win some big cash, or excellent prizes, then please let them know!

Looking forward to seeing this comp become a huge driver for more incredible times in years to come… And just a good bit of fun!!

RunLikeCrazy Leaderboard Final 2012:13


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  1. Albane wifey fauron

    Tristan, I’m a girl! Also, absolute congratulations on the UTMB, what an achievement!

  2. Sorry Albane, I was a bit confused when I read your info?! This means you came 3rd among the ladies, congratulations!

  3. Yeah that is awesome!!! When are you releasing the final ranking?

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