Training for a City2Surf, City2Sea or other wild fun run?? Take in these tips and get ready to tear up the track!

1. Train For Speed – if you’re not running fast in training, you can forget about a fast City2Surf. The race is not the time to test your top speed, it’s when you enjoy running at just below your maximum. Imprint a new benchmark of muscle memory in training, so your body is not scared of the speed on the big day. Toss this set into your training and try it out 4 times before the City2Surf:

2 x 1km w 60sec rest – 80% max speed
4 x 500m w 60sec rest – 100% max speed 
2 x 500m w 60sec rest – 120% max speed (Find a new absolute maximum in at least 2 of your 500s!)

2. Prepare For Heartbreak – Heartbreak Hill will only defeat you if you are unprepared. It’s the one thing you’re not sure you can handle, but with a series of regular hill repeats in the lead up, you’ll conquer that mini mountain on the day. Find a 500m hill and add the following set:

6-8 x 500m – 90% max speed
Recovery will come while you roll back down to start

3. Downhill Dash – Don’t forget that a large portion of this race is downhill. If you heel strike heading downhill, you are essentially putting on the brakes and creating a lot of repercussive force through your lower back. This will create fatigue and slow you down later in the race.

Be sure to run a few long downhill sessions in your training. These may be the inverse to the hill session above, or a longer downhill that has you accustomed to leaning forward and rolling down the slope, landing midsole. You’ll feel like you’re about to fall over, but trust in your natural balance – your feet will move fast to keep you upright.


4. Bust Out Of The Gates – Warm up before the race by running around the block a couple of times at home. It will loosen up your legs and will ensure some toilet time before you head into the mayhem of the start line. You want to get a move on when the gun goes BANG! It’s an exceedingly busy event and you want to get away from as many of the slower, less prepared runners as possible. Go a little faster than you’re comfortable with for the first 2km and you’ll find that you’ve got some free space to find your rhythm. Hopefully you’re still next to a friend, so you can enjoy the atmosphere and work together to set a cracking pace to the end!


5. Fire Up For Fun – Remember what you’re training for – A Fun Run. It’s no good tying yourself in knots about the outcome of the race, because you won’t know what kind of weather or problems might be thrown at you along the way. If you’ve prepared well, you can be sure that most of the elements are already in your favour. So just enjoy that feeling you get from training well and creating a better, fitter you. Know that you’re in for a treat on race day, full of laughter, entertainment and inspiration. It’s time to be your own Hero!


Good luck on the day and look out for me too! I’m running with the Cerebral Palsy League of Queensland. Hopefully you’re running for a good cause too – even if it’s just to inspire yourself and your loved ones to make the most out of life!