It’s very late on Final Marathon Eve and once again I am here tapping away at my computer trying to punch out more information..I’ll keep this brief and as clear as possible.

A couple of things have changed, which will only mildly change the outcome of the “December Donations Draw”. We raised another $2530 within this month for Facing Africa and UNICEF, which is a stellar effort for all those who came to the party and donated so generously.

The draw for the week long stay in Nico’s gorgeous Tuscan Villa – the Sant’Antonio Country Resort – will go ahead as planned, with anyone who donated in December having entered the draw. I have assigned a series of 10m groups to each entrant and this sequence will repeat a few times to cover the distance between 50km and 70km so that everyone get’s a few opportunities to win.

What has changed??

I will only be running for 5:30 hours. I had originally thought I could run for 6 hours, but our licensing restriction means that I must finish by 2pm so we can do the presentations and wrap up at 2:30pm. The race starts at 8:30am, so I will run for 5 and a half hours and will most likely do anywhere between 50 and 70kms.

Also, the UNICEF page is in dollars and the Facing Africa page is in pounds. To make this easier to figure, I’ve decided that for every $10 on the UNICEF page you get 10 metres, but also for every £10 you get 10 metres. It’s really far too hard to convert otherwise.

To this end, the raised sum of 2530, means we have 253 entries. At 10 metres per entry, that means the entry sequence covers 2.53km. The entrants are listed below with their assigned 10 metre groups from the 50km mark:

Brooke 500
Mandy 50
Sue Stevenson 120
Wadea Katrib 100
Eric 200
Joanne L Nathan 10
Zachary B Watts 60
Cherryann 50
Crystal Shiu 50
Jupes 250
Waz 100
Ich 100
Shaun Factor 250
Phil Millham 30
Ben 30
Anna Mortensen 10
Matthew Jeffers 30
Sean Wyld 120
Sarah Huon 30
Miss J Allen-Graham 10
Harvs 50
Lesley Boekeman 30
Lyn La Canna 10
Darren Hawley 50
Miss A Horner 30
Tammie 50
Anthony McAlister 50
Jennifer kimmings 10
Steve 50
Duff 50
Alejandro & Andrea 50

So, this list begins from 50km and takes us up to 52.53km. The sequence will then repeat to 55.06 and then 57.59, etc. At 2pm, I will stop my Garmin and the owner of 10 metre group I land in will win the trip to Tuscany!

I hope you all get it, haha, I know it’s a little confusing. The fact is though, those people who have donate this month all have a great chance of winning tomorrow. See the original blog post for more info on the prize..

Speaking of winning, tomorrow is the final race for me for 2010!! What a year, huh?! I can’t believe I have run marathons all over our beautiful planet. I have plugged away and travelled all over, pushing myself through physical and mental barriers to get to the end. One more day and a blow out party to follow and my journey is complete. Just unbelievable.

Wish I had a MYLAPS Spectator for you to follow, but I had a bit much going on to get it organised, sorry.. I’m running around Albert Park Lake in Melbourne though, a 5.2km loop, so you get the idea. I’ve even got more than 360 people running with me, so it’s going to be a lot of fun – a HUGE celebration!

Thanks for being there with me my friends. You support this year has changed me and my outlook on life forever!

Stay tuned for results and more adventures..