Howdy everybody!! OK, so I have 4 marathons to go and I am running one of them in around 9 hours from now.. I’ve been in Jamaica for just a few days and once again I have been smacked in the face with the obvious gap between the “haves” and “have nots”..  It has upset me a little to be in the side of the former with very little ability to affect the latter. In Mexico last week I think it was even more stark… in Cuba… well, you get the gist.

So, here’s my last ditch effort to give a little back. I’m asking all of you to help me with this. I trust you have continued to find my efforts both entertaining and inspiring. I hope that with that in mind you will consider the plight of those much less fortunate than lucky old me (and you) and consider donating your first $10, or even your second $10, to both of RunLikeCrazy’s worthy appeals. In actual fact, I’d like you to focus on one of these charities that is looking significantly neglected:

Facing Africa..

I’m going to upset you all with a couple of pictures to help you understand just how much your money will help. Don’t get angry or upset, but find it in your heart why I think these guys are well worth the contribution. They really do significantly change individual lives. I’m going to include the newsletter I got from  Chris Lawrence of Facing Africa, as it helps describe young Tesahai’s situation:

Dear All,

You may remember me sending you details and pictures of Tesahai, a 20-year old girl that I met in Addis Ababa earlier this year who had a huge facial tumour.  We put her in contact with two surgeons in Germany and this is what she now looks like….. absolutely amazing and wonderful !!! ( see what she looked like in the pictures below).

Best wishes


Begin forwarded message:

Subject: Tsehai

Monday night we dressed our patient Tsehai as a traditional Moslem woman and she and I flew to Munich together. Tsehai is actually an Ethiopian Orthodox Christian, but donned the clothes so that her fellow passengers would not be alarmed. She is a 20 year old girl from Gambella, who has perhaps the world’s largest jaw tumor, likely an ameloblastoma. It is estimated that it weighs 8 kg.

It caused the computer of a very modern MRI machine to crash for several hours due to information overload. Dr. Peter Cornelius, shown here, and his group have taken the lead, raised funds, and are planning surgery next week.

Here are her images and models. At this moment, models of her potential new mandible are being made in Belgium. They are planning on using tibial grafts to rebuild her mandible, you can see the model here. The rami are in good shape, but the TMJs are not functional and likely will not be functional. (Photos used with permission)

Scary stuff, huh?! Read more about the disease here and here.

So now that you can see the scope of the problem and the impact of your relatively minor efforts, then maybe you will help children of in this same situation, suffering the effects of the malnutrition disease, “NOMA”, by submitting just $10 (or more) via this link:


I have been sending myself slowly broke. I don’t ask that you break your bank, I just ask that you join me in this spirit of adventurous giving. If you ever thought about wanting to help me, then dig deep and help these kids now!! I have a target of at least $10,000 to reach for Facing Africa, so find it in your hearts to help me.

Of course, if you prefer to support UNICEF, then you can still go to that page and keep helping me raise the bar for them too! Go to this link and give help now:


And if you do..

I will love you…

And I will give to you an opportunity..

An opportunity for pleasure and happiness..

In one of the finest establishments the gorgeous valleys of Tuscany (Italy) has to offer..

That’s right, there’s a prize draw!! More than 2 months ago, my wonderful friend Nico sent me the details of his Villa and gave me the opportunity to giveaway a weeks accommodation for anyone willing to donate to RunLikeCrazy’s causes. I’ve sat on it for even longer than I wanted to, waiting for the time to write more, but also a situation that forces people to take notice of the gravity of my escapade and why I am worth sponsoring in this way. Dazzler and I met Nico at the Rome Marathon, where he was acting as host and translator (he speaks English, Italian and Swahili, among other languages!!), so he was very busy. But he was impressed with my story and he has gone out of his way to be supportive and offer friendship ever since. He owns an extraordinary property in Tuscany and is willing to share it with RunLikeCrazy fans, just to help me raise more money for charity.

Nico hasn’t harassed me to put up his prize (though he should have) but allowed me to use it in my own way. So here goes..

The Prize:

A week for 2 people at Sant’ Antonio in a converted 800 year old monastery located in Montepulciano; the heart of the Tuscan country side.

General Conditions:

–       To book: please visit to choose your one bedroom accommodation and then contact Nico directly at for availability and booking information.

–       Accommodation is subject to availability on a  weekly basis from Saturday to Saturday anytime of the year apart from the months of July and August.

–       The – Sant’ Antonio prize is to be used by the 31st of December 2012, at which time the prize will expire and cannot be extended.

–       This prize is non transferable and must be used by the winners only unless authorized by Tristan Miller ( and Nico Pannevis (owner of Sant’ Antonio).

–       The – Sant’ Antonio Prize cannot be exchanged for money or other items

–       Personal usage and consumption of the following:- beverages, laundry, dinners, cooking course etc is to be paid separately by the winners at the end of the vacation at Sant’ Antonio

–       The name of the winner will be communicated directly to Nico via Tristan Miller –

The T-Bone Contribution:

–       I will add to this by personally paying for 2 return airline tickets within Europe or the UK to Milan, the most accessible airport to Nico’s property. If you’re Australian, this still poses a problem with travel, but you will have the opportunity to transfer this prize to someone else that may be able to use it more immediately.

This makes the prize worth around $1500!!

C’mon! This is a great prize!! In fact, if you time it right, I’ll probably be doing a race over in Europe and I’ll come and join you!!

The Draw:

The winner will be drawn at the end of the final marathon (have you signed up to the inaugural RunLikeCrazy Marathon??) on the 27th of December, 2010.  The winning entry will be the one that corresponds to the exact number of kilometres and metres that I have covered in the last race of the year. My watch will be stopped at exactly 6 hours, which is the time-limit of the race.

Entries will be assigned a group of 10 metres, dependent on how many donations we receive. I estimate that in 6 hours I will run between 55 and 70 kilometres, as I will be stopping to chat and walk and run with many other contestants and supporters, so the normal marathon distance/time rules will not apply. On that day, it could easily take me 4 hours just to cover 42.195 km.

For every $10 you donate, you receive a group of metres. There is no limit to how many times you can enter, so get involved and buy up the biggest segments you can!!

Once again, it will be impossible for me to really affect this down to a group of metres. Not only that, but you would have to trust by now that I will not sway the draw in any way. I want you guys to benefit from my amazing adventure and this is one way I can give back.

Thanks again to Nico.. What an amazing guy to have met at the Rome Marathon!?! He is a true gentleman and whoever wins this will be extraordinarily lucky to spend time with him in his gorgeous Tuscan Villa..

I live to give people.. How about you?!

4 marathons to go… Jamaica’s Reggae marathon at 5am tomorrow morning (Saturday), then off to the Cayman Islands for another at 5am on Sunday morning!!

Then 100km in Antartica in 10 days..

Then the finale, the RunLikeCrazy Marathon on the 27th of December in Melbourne, Australia!!  SIGN UP NOW!!!