Registration will take place in the Albert Park indoor sports area ‘the pits’ on Aughtie Drive, Albert Park Lake

To ensure registration is a smooth and speedy process, this is what you will need to know before entering the start area:

  1. Pre entered participants proceed to registration to have your name marked off.
  2. Collect a show bag containing your timing band and race number.
  3. Race numbers are to be pinned to the front of your shirt
  4. Timing bands are to be placed around your ankle.
  5. Proceed to the bag compound, if needed.
  6. Allow yourself plenty of time to complete all steps and prepare yourself fully.

Please note that there is a field limit of 500 competitors and there is a minimum age requirement for each event.


EVENT FEES Minimum Age
Marathon $50 18
Half Marathon $40 18
10km $30 14
Post Race Party $25 18

Registrations are open

Click here to enter online