It’s quite remarkable what the human body will endure. Running 42kms is one thing. Running in 28˚C heat is another. Add a whacky costume and you’re asking for trouble. Get crazy drunk on excellent French reds and the world goes into a tail spin..

The Marathon du Médoc is one of the funniest, most insane and yet culturally rich experiences I’ve ever had.. (ok, so I’m a cultural wasteland… don’t judge me..)

I’ve had a couple of complaints about the length of the videos. I wish I was skilled enough to edit these down to a nice digestable length, but it already takes me hours to get it to this. So more editing means less videos to watch, because I just don’t got the time!

Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy what you see and please add it to your list of things to do before you die! Completely worth the ride.

Thanks again to Cédric and Sophie for having me stay. They have the most fantastic children and it was a pleasure to spend time with them and little Prince Clovis, Clément’s son. Their combined efforts of taunting me and chasing me about (all in French) made me very homesick, missing my friend’s and their children.

Thanks to Jean Emmanuel for the excellent guided tour of one of the Rothschild’s estates. That guy is a true gentleman.

And thanks again to Clément, seen here as Luigi. I can’t explain to you how amazing this friend is. He has gone so far out of his way on numerous occasions to help me achieve my goals and enjoy the adventure. He is France at it’s best! Can you believe that I met this guy during the Marrakech marathon? Such is the nature of this global running adventure.

Loving my sponsor, Krys & Associates.. Ken Krys is a huge proponent for Facing Africa. And, after reading about the torment these kids suffer, so am I… See this video, if you’re not already convinced that they’re worth our support:

You can help by donating $10 to Facing Africa at this link!

And we’ve raised over $11,000 for UNICEF! Another $10 here will help too – just click on this link to donate.. And watch this video to see how such a small donation can offer opportunity and hope to less fortunate children.

Still going, with another PB today in Austria. 5th for the year with a 3:06.22. Just felt strong.

14 to go…