A marathon that’s tough to beat, with a crowd that never stopped. I was thoroughly impressed with the London marathon and had so much unexpected support throughout the race.

I want to thank Tammie, Alexis, Dave and Nina, Nat and Victor, Danielle and Hilton, Michael, Raf and Suzanna, Dazzler, Opray and Adrian.. Great to meet Crystal and Lyn and the many other fantastic Travelling Fit runners that made it over.. Saw Steve Edwards and Iron Man Steve out there too, but unfortunately missed Israeli Superhero, Vig! He was too quick for me!

What a weekend.. What a life…

If you’re enjoying the adventure, then please donate $10 to one of these to extremely worthy charities:

Facing Africa


They need you and I think it’s worth the very little effort it takes to donate a chicken dinner to these little kids.. Seriously, don’t ignore this, read more about these charities and consider how lucky we are. Facing Africa and UNICEF both do amazing work to give some small opportunities to the lives of the less fortunate. Give a little and feel good about yourself!

Thanks also to the outstanding support of Krys & Associates for keeping me going with their generous sponsorship! Ken and the team are just fantastic people..

Check out the photos too!