I managed to get the Boston video done too! It’s a pretty fun watch. Thanks to my new “foster family” – Teyah, Troy, Milly and Georgie. Without them, I would have had a terrible time adjusting to being by myself. They welcomed me into their home in Boston and truly made me feel like part of the family. Troy even took me to the baseball! I’ve got a whole other half written post about all that, so hopefully I can get it up sometime.

I’ve chucked in one more quick video. It’s the crazy times I had with Olah, Caz and PK in NYC, during my ultra quick visit, the days leading up to the Boston Marathon. Had Olah and Caz with me again in Montréal just now and will see them again in a couple of months in New York for the biggest event of the year – the New York Marathon! I had an absolute blast with these guys in NYC and even managed to hook up with Big Jay who we saw in Paris! Unbelievable!

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Some huge weekend’s coming up! And I believe Sarah & Nathan Brophy just had a baby! Happy Birthday mini Brophy!